Today the Bossini brand is a synonym of quality in Italy,
in Europe, the world.

Bossini is one of the leading international manufacturers of showers and sanitary products, providing high quality, design, innovation and performance. The Company was set up in 1960 and quickly built up a reputation for excellent products which satisfied the need of a rapidly developing shower market.

Today the Bossini brand is a synonym of quality in Italy, in Europe and throughout the world. The secret lies in not having stopped after the first positive results, but having continued to pursue new and more ambitious achievements, with adequate investment and, above all, with that kind of enthusiasm which has always accompanied any successful undertaking.

At Montichiari Manufacturing plant, energy needs are met entirely by an in-house cogeneration system. Here molding, chromium plating departments supply all Bossini plastic products.

The production site, which production capacity was improved in 2007 through the installation of a second chromium plating plant and the further development of the plastic injection molding departments, currently employs seventy people and operates 16,000 square meters covered surface.

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